PWP Visits In Jesus Name Charities Food Pantry

November 23, 2013

In Jesus Name Charities is one of the many local organizations who were hit hard by super storm Sandy.  They are an inter-faith food pantry tucked away in the basement of a building behind Our Lady of Grace (4th and Park).  The twelve religious communities of the Hoboken Clergy Coalition joined together to provide a place for those with limited or insufficient income to turn to for help in time of need.  Whether it is emergency food, monthly deliveries, clothing, holiday meals, family literacy programs, or women’s support groups, their 100% volunteer based team led by April lend a helping hand, ear or prayer for all in need.

After ceiling high flooding, the building itself was repaired with the help of many private groups who travel the country to support organizations like these after tragedy.  But the four walls weren’t enough.  What about the shelves, the tables and chairs, the refrigerators, the prayer corner, and of course the food?  These were all washed away in the flood as well.  PWP was fortunate to learn of their need.  And just like they are there for others, we were so happy to help when they themselves were in need.  Through one of our Sandy grants, we helped to give them a head start in not only rebuilding, but restarting.  The ability to build from the ground up and get exactly what they needed, not just what they had.  From steel shelves for shoes, to crate after crate of food, there is now an environment for those in need to shop for what meets their family needs the most.

After weeks of coordinating a morning to visit, today 15 PWP board members and volunteers went down to see the pantry up and running!  We learned about the history, the hardship and the recovery.  We also learned just how big someone’s heart can be in the director April.  She has dedicated her life to feeding, clothing and educating the poor.  And not in a way that just gets things done.  In the way that makes every adult and child feel at home, feel included, and feel dignified in asking for help.


We took a tour of the pantry and couldn’t help but notice that with only 4 days left to Thanksgiving, the shelves were pretty bare.  We had every intention of providing more funds to April to help her on her mission.  But one look at those shelves and we knew we could do better!  Without hesitation, all 15 of us walked over to A&P with a list in hand to get what was needed.  After 12+ shopping cards, 3 car trips, the longest receipts I have ever seen and more volunteers called in, we were able to deliver, unpack and restock shelves with hundreds of meals.  Whether it is baby food, kid friendly, special dietary, breakfast, dinner, or snacks the food pantry now has it!


But this supply won’t last them forever.  Serving over 400 families in need, In Jesus Name Charities needs support throughout the year.  If you can donate your time, we truly recommend it.  But giving back can be as simple as buying one extra meal at your weekly grocery store trip.  Below are examples of the meals that can help the most:


  • Cold cereal and parmalat boxed milk
  • Pancake mix and syrup
  • Breakfast bars and pop tarts


  • Tuna, mayo and saltines
  • PB&J and ritz crackers
  • Chunky soups


  • Pasta and tomato sauce
  • Dinty more stew, peas, string beans, spam, instant mash potatoes
  • Rice, beans, corn, tomato sauce

Kid Friendly

  • Can spaghettio’s, juice, cookies
  • Mac & cheese, ramon noodles, juice, cookies
  • Kid cereal, parmalat whole milk


  • Instant coffee, tea, sugar, canned fruit, biscots
  • Oatmeal, evaporated milk
  • Chunky soups


  • 100% natural juices, healthy choice soups
  • ensure/boost drinks, low sodium broths
  • no sugar added fruits, no salt vegetables
In Jesus Name Charities – Inter-Faith Food Pantry
411 Clinton Street, Hoboken (rear garden entrance)